Sharpest Man Competition

Cutting Competition

The Sharpest Man Competition is an Arkansas based Bowie Cutting Competition.

At this time there will be 4 different cutting competitions that will take place through out the year. 

Points will be given based on cutter's performance. All points from each event will carry over and a Grand Champion will be named at the Arkansas Knife show.

Each 1st place winner of each event will receive a trophy.

Additional Information will be added as the year goes by.

Bowie Specifications

  • Traditional Bowie profile
  • Maximum blade length 11"
  • Maximum width 2"
  • Maximum overall length 16"
  • Mechanical guard
  • Pinned or appropriately secured handle
  • Lanyard through the knife - handle, guard or blade
  • Lanyard may NOT be tied onto the knife
  • Must be made entirely by the maker (does not include engraving)
  • Must be available for sale or delivery
  • Must be complete and show ready - no work in progress 

Cutting Events


Location 1: Fisk Hammer-in 2017

Winner - Mark Fleming

Location 2: Uncle Al's Southwest Cutting Competition

Winner - Cass Stanford

Location 3: North Arkansas Cutting Competition

Winner - Lin Rhea, M.S.

Location 4: The Arkansas Knife Show, February 16, 2018

Current Standings